Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Microsoft in Education Community

As we are about to head into a new school year (in NZ) I thought I would share a great educational community for teachers: Microsoft Educator Community 

This is a great site for teachers to become members of  as it not only has courses, and resources of all the tools in the Microsoft suite but has a community of educators as well.

Courses and Resources
There are many courses and learning paths that you can choose to work through. These are clear step by step instructions using a variety of tools to guide you through the information e.g. video, office mix, onenote books and other tools. These courses cover tools such as: Sway, Minecraft, Office Mix, 21 Century Learning Design to name just a few. At the end of the courses there are short multi question quizzes to test what you have learned.
Each course and learning path  is worth points and badges which are displayed on your profile page:

Connecting with others
This site will also allow you to work with other teachers. A tab takes you to a page to connect with other educators and will also tell you if you are in the same time zone. A very popular activity is the Mystery Skype which connect student around the world -  see the video below:

I recommend signing up to this free community, especially if you are using Office 365 in your school.

Twitter link for this community is: #MSFTEdu

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