Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Back to School...Almost

As a teacher in New Zealand our summer holidays are still happening but as every teacher across the world knows at some point before school goes back, work needs to be done.

Today was the date I had decided to start thinking about the new school year. I have had a lovely break, enjoyed the sun, time with family and the holiday period. But today was the day when I thought I would ease myself back into a new school year full of new possibilities.

So, for the first time all summer I hop on to Twitter; my favorite place to start. The latest tweet was from Microsoft.

Armed with my coffee and toast I clicked the link and I get a video on YouTube on OneNote. Whilst I knew most of what they were discussing it was still a very helpful refresher and a way to to get the cogs in my brain working again. What was good was seeing what other subject teachers are up to and how I can use OneNote more efficiently (about half way through the video). I was particularly interested in how to incorporate my lesson plans into my content without it seeming cumbersome.

I recommend following @Microsoft_EDU on Twitter as a place to start.
I also recommend Microsoft NZ  on Twitter @MSNZEducation
Checkout the Microsoft OneNote Teacher Podcast
Checkout Teachercast  and on Twitter: @JeffTeacherCast @TeacherCast

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