Sunday, August 12, 2012

Wish list

This term I have joined our school ICT committee, which has just been created by our brilliant ICT director. One of the questions asked was ' what would we like?'. My mind went blank as I thought of what my wish list would be be. What would my English classroom need if I could make a wish. Most my students already bring their own device, the wireless has been fixed...what else. 
Then it came to me I don't want the 'normal' classroom layout. I want something more like the primary school classroom. I want different learning areas, beanbags, I want whiteboard tables, a place for students to watch dvds or short movies. 
I shared this 'wish' and a day later the ICT director sent me this link:
It is great to know someone is listening.
On another note I said I didn't want Ipads/tablets. As an English teacher my students need to type. That is when I was told about the Microsoft Surface and one teacher described it 'like a laptop and a tablet/ipad had a baby' . Check it out: