Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Some Ideas...

Merry Christmas,

Despite thinking about doing no school work until the New Year ( we are on summer hols in NZ), I was up at 6am mulling over ideas! 

I am going to set up a book club blog for my classes next year and I would really love to have some students from around the globe joining in. If you are interested could you please leave a comment or email me. I am thinking of calling it  'Literature from Around the World'.

For my Year 10's I would like to focus on change and making a difference. I am thinking of having them create some pod casts for the blind, and looking at the importance of literacy, but I want it to be interesting -any ideas? I want to create a program that integrates technology but where students can make a difference. It would be brilliant for them to create relationships with students from across the globe and share their knowledge of the English subject.

I have a Senior English class which I am so excited about, and I have so many ideas, I literally don't know where to start..

A we update on my daughter: She created two keynotes presentations one on 'butterflies' and the other on 'Christmas around the world'. The thing that filled me with the most pride was she organised a Christmas movie showing with students at school. She got permission from the teacher, created posters, asked for input from the students. The aim was to collect food cans for the City Mission as entry. On the second to last day of term she got off the school bus with two shopping bags full of cans and a massive smile. We went to the City Mission and dropped them in. I told her how proud I was and she said "Mum, you had the idea." 
I said " Anyone can have an idea, it is what you do with that idea that makes the difference". 
After some thought she said:  " Mum, I really made a difference and it felt good...I love my new school... I'm so happy".

Happy Holidays

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Silver Linings...

In New Zealand I like the fact that the school year finishes the same time the year wraps up. I like this because I can reflect over the year and put in place plans and ideas for a new year.

2011 has been tumultuous and I will be glad to shove it in a box and stuff it to the back of the cupboard. However I am happy and pleased to have risen to all the challenges and got through like so many others. In  Dec 2010 I moved back to the closest thing I have to a home city, to a new exciting teaching position, just in time for Feb 22nd earthquake! 

Avonside Girls has a had a year of site sharing with Burnside High School, both schools I think coped incredibly well. I was very impressed with my students and their ability to adjust to an afternoon condensed timetable, as well as coping with all the challenges at home such as: chemical toilets, lack of water and houses that were red , orange or green zoned, and so much more. Teachers worked will little resources to start but help from teachers and schools around the country and overseas flooded in. It was welcomed and gave everyone such a positive feeling to know others were thinking of us, thank you. 

I found it hard keeping up with my studies, teaching and looking after my kids, but got there with love and support from family/friends. Then it became apparent that a 149 full time teaching positions in high schools across CHCH needed to be disestablished due to roll drops. I was one of those disestablished teachers, sorry to be leaving but understanding of the process. This is where the silver lining kicks in: My family are happy again, I live in a green-zoned house in need of minimal repair and I have a new position in CHCH at St Andrews College. I am very excited about embarking on this step in my teaching career.

Right now, I am thinking of themes and ideas to incorporate all I have learnt this year, and my love of e-learning into my programs for 2012. If you know of any good websites or have any ideas please let me know.

Happy Holidays