Friday, September 26, 2014

Catching up on a live EdchatNZ

Last night I missed the #EdchatNZ on Twitter. My phone was silently pinging twitter posts as I watched my daughter's music concert. I knew it had to be a good one and was a little disappointed that I was missing it. 

But not to fear - social media is here!

As I sit drinking my coffee this morning and checking my email before doing the school run. I notice an email from @1MvdS in my inbox. I was pleased to see it was a Storify of last nights Twitter feed. Awesome! Then as I am reading through it I notice a link to a recorded live stream using Google Hangouts. AWESOME!! 

Last nights #EdChatNZ was a live stream chat from @GrantLichtman on 'Innovation in Schools'. It is well worth the listen.

Enjoy the power of social media in sharing ideas and learning.