Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Busy End of Year!

Well it is that time of year when everything seems to go crazy! I have my class blog ready and waiting for the students to write their film and book reviews. Then comment on each others work, hopefully without issue!

But first they have an E-Asttle reading test, STAR test and a Asttle writing test...must remember to bring in some lollies after all the assessments, congratulate them on working hard.

The scheme for next year is almost ready and I hope to have it posted soon. I think it is an interesting program for my NCEA students and wish I was teaching it...I am moving back to Christchurch so it may or may not be used.

So once the testing is done there is nothing left but to mark and get on with reports...

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Ed Talks

Recently at the Ulearn Conference I was lucky enough to give an EdTalk on the subject of  Twitter - Here it is: Twitter at School

EdTalks is a great website that has an aweful lot of great videos relating to education. Click on the links and take a look.