Saturday, June 23, 2012

VPLD Hui - Virtual Professional Development

I have been very fortunate to spend 2 days with some amazing teachers and people in education who are making teaching interesting and relevant to students.
This Hui had people involved in the VPLD  - and everyone there was interested in the integration of technology, and everyone was doing something pretty cool.
These are a few key points I took away from the Hui, beside the motivation, inspiration and new knowledge that comes with attending brilliant PD.

  • Enabling e-Learning Framework is something that school management and teachers need to look at. Watch Karen's video and take a look at the Framework which can be downloaded as a word or pdf document. This is such a user friendly easy to follow document. There are even examples to look at and think about. The Maori-medium e-Learning Planning Framework is due out soon.
  • If your school needs some advice and guidance there is the National Blended eLearning  PLD Team  who are part of the BeL project (Blended eLearning)
  • If you haven't joined the VLN you should there are groups on everything from e-portfolios to Moodle - take a look, sign up.
  • The Curriculum Integration Project is well worth spending some time looking over. Sam Cunnane is a visual art teacher who has created an amazing program that puts the student first, learning first and then measures the learning against standards from different subjects. Take a look at Passionfruit Magazine and be inspired. 
  • EdTalks always worth a watch and full of inspiring people and invaluable information
Some Web 2.0 tools of particular interest
Storybird a fantastic site for students of any age to write stories and publish them online, use the images provided or upload your own.
MangaHigh Math Games a site one of the participants shared with me, that looks brilliant for maths.
Vuvox Media creation made easy