Friday, January 27, 2017

Edublogsclub Week 4: Photos

This blog post is part of the #Edublogsclub  -  a new topic to write on each week, post and share.

Week 4: A picture is worth a thousand words

This week requires the blogger to post on something to do with images. I have chosen to share a page from Facebook called 'The Lego Grad'. I decided last year to finally start my Doctorate in Education and one of my study colleagues put me on to this page. This cartoon appears in my newsfeed and seems to do three things: 1 - cheer me up, 2 - remind me to get on with my study, 3 - I am not alone in this study journey.

Pictures are very important and I like to use them in presentations especially if they will save on words. I'll often use them a trigger for what I want to say, so that I don't fall into the trap of reading off the presentation.
The most famous picture for this week must be the photo of in the inauguration in the USA.

Which illustrates how important image and images can be! 

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