Thursday, October 7, 2010


Some ways to use Twitter:
  • Collaboration  - within the classroom, across schools, cities and countries. Collaboration can be between the students, student and teacher or teacher and teacher. A tweet can go out asking for resources, opinions, and ideas.
  • Class Page - Giving updates on what is happening, what to remember and other useful information. This can be embedded in the school website. These updates could include reminders on what gear to bring, reminder of parent evening and for such events as school closure.
  • Gathering Information - It is a very fast way to gather information. I put out a tweet for how people use Twitter in education and OLC and received ideas back  within seconds.
  • Reader Response - Students can use Twitter in the classroom to ask questions or to make comments on observations whilst engaged in the classroom activities (Grosseck & Holotescu, 2008).
  • Sync with a Blog - Twitter can be used to let viewers know there is a new blog entry instead of scrolling through the blog.

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