Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Holes by L Sachar

My Year 9-10 combined class are reading Holes at the moment and are loving it. Even my very low ability students are engaged and eager to read. The short manageable chapters helps their confidence. I have found some good sites that I would like to share:
http://www.mce.k12tn.net/reading39/holes.htm This site is brilliant for online or printable questions. I have organised teams in the class and they compete to answer the questions using the interactive whiteboard.
Today they made paper chain men, wrote the characters name at the top of each boy and then filled the body with references about the character.
We have a post it question notice board. When they have a question they put it on a post it note stick it on the whiteboard and I staple them onto the poster. They can see how their questions have developed over the weeks - They answer the questions or pick one to research and share it with the class.

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