Tuesday, May 5, 2020

My EdD research: Prelim findings on integrating curriculum interview on the 'Master of One' podcast

Last week, I was interviewed about my EdD research for the 'Master of One' podcast (also on Spotify). This podcast has been created by Toni Westcott and Laura Butler, two NZ educators. The purpose is to share teachers who are completing postgrad study to "unpack educational research done by teachers and sharing practical tips for your classroom".

My research is a Case Study looking at how one high school transitions from a traditional mode of instruction to future focused and how teachers collaborate to deliver an integrated program at Yr 9/10. This research is to capture how a high school makes the change from a traditional subject-silo approach to an integrated approach to curriculum. It also looks at how teachers collaborate to deliver an integrated program. The curriculum areas integrated are Science, Social Studies and English. The study will specifically examine the processes of change and the experiences of different stakeholders. It is hoped that the findings will provide educators and other interested parties with evidence-based research that can inform future change and practice within secondary education.

Currently, I am at the stage of writing up my findings.

Here is the podcast:

Thank you to Toni and Laura for this opportunity.

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