Monday, March 23, 2020

My thoughts: Post earthquake (2011) reflection and our situation today

Some thoughts:

Over the past week or so, as the world changes, I have been part of conversations on Twitter and F2F about the changing landscape of teaching and lessons learned from the Christchurch earthquake in 2011 and what is happening due to Covid 19. These are just my thoughts:

So, what did I learn from the Christchurch earthquake 2011: 

  • During the EQ students suddenly had a new/increased responsibilities such as looking after younger children, helping the adults, working more in their part-time jobs due to parent/s losing jobs, or just the stress of being home which meant that learning was not a priority. Other students were able to keep learning and looked for those opportunities
  • Learning was for those who could, and when things settled back to normal, pathways were put in place for those who didn't have access, or couldn't learn online.  We needed to trust, our Senior Leadership Team, NZQA, MoE  and other experts (including our unions and teaching council) with regard to NCEA and student learning. (Communication is a part of the 'trust' I mention.  It  includes communication that results in informed decisions. That all key stakeholders are represented in discussion in some form or other.)
  • Educators were amazing at coming together, sharing and helping each other. Teachers set up blogs and sites to provide learning to students not just on their school roll or class list. During 2011 I can't imagine what our Senior Leadership Teams had to do and decisions they had to make. Our Teachers (regardless of position) are not invincible and had their own challenges plus trying to keep things 'normal' for the students or staff. 

My thoughts about the situation today:
  • E-learning (in the event of school closure) is for those who can, and educators are trying their best to get the schools, teachers etc into a place to facilitate this as best they can. 
  • There are amazing educators in NZ and beyond and you kind find them on Twitter and Facebook, as well as in your own school. Teachers are already sharing ideas, resources and positive attitude to learning in challenging circumstances.
  • Like back in 2011 with the earthquakes, I believe we need to trust, our Senior Leadership Team, NZQA, MoE,  and other experts (including unions and teaching council) with regard to NCEA and student learning.  
  • Microsoft and Google both provide a wealth of resources and information, if you are a Microsoft School I recommend joining the Microsoft Educator Community as a teacher at a high school which uses Microsoft I find this an incredibly useful site.  Google also have a community for educators 

Just a few thoughts.

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