Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Getting ready for Ulearn15

This afternoon I fly up to Auckland for Ulearn15. Always a great conference with brilliant keynotes and exciting, thought provoking workshops. It is also a chance to meet up with other educators from around NZ face 2 face. Always find it funny when I know someones twitter handle better than their name!

This year when booking breakouts I have gone with the 'Leadership' strand. In the past, I have taken a bit of a pick n mix approach to breakouts wanting to get a broad spread of ideas and information. This year I wanted to go further into one particular aspect and see what emerges. I'm also helping with the Knowledge Building workshop Darren Sudlow is leading- which should be exciting.

I'm also looking forward to the Twitter Dinner tomorrow which Justine @digitallearnin has organised.

Will keep the blog updated as the week goes on.

Remember to follow the Conference  twitter hashtag #ulearn15

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