Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Being Brave - Office Mix

I have recorded my first ever Office Mix  and made it live! I feel this is a very brave step as I don't really like to be recorded or videoed. And to be even braver I have made it accessible to everyone - which I know opens the door for criticism - however,  constructive criticism is very welcome.

 I created  this video for my alternative level 1 English students prior to exams. I have rerecorded it trying to get rid of the 'ums'! The 'planning' video is currently getting a shiny makeover before going live.


  1. Nice one Tameey. It's a brave first step, recording your voice for an Office Mix. I like the way you used ink to highlight the points as you were talking about them.

  2. Well done Tam, you are very brave sharing this video. However, we need to be sharing what we are doing, as well as trying new ways to engage our students.Hopefully others will share back with you.