Monday, November 12, 2012

Ulearn12 - Jason Ohler

Ulearn 2012 was another fantastic conference despite some technical difficulties. I will over the next few posts write about what I found interesting, and how I am implementing what I have learned. 

Jason Ohler talked about: Opening  a door  for students to follow their passion and achieve their best. Make the students the problem finders.

This struck a cord with me and when I returned to school I showed my class a 'youtube' clip on augmented reality. The task was to come up with all the problems something like'Google Glasses' could cause, then what are the solutions. The students got a real kick out of creating problems and solutions for something that is not yet 'real'. They presented their work either via video or paper based. 

I also appreciate the comment he made: "Dont give an 'A' for something moving on the screen - it has to be the content". We need to move beyond the 'wow' factor to the keeping the focus on content.

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