Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Flipping the Classroom

Seems the Year 10 class are running well with the program. We have finished the first part where students had to research poetic terms and then teach the class through games they designed. In Moodle we ended up with 80 or so entries and examples. The games were brilliant and when they sat a post test did very well.
We are now at the point where they are selecting their own poem in groups and working on an analysis of the poem, a visual representation, and research around the poem. At the end of term they will present this to the class, teaching them about the poem selected. I have muddled them up into different groups (on purpose) and we have hit the ground running. I have ask them to think out of the box and 'inspire' - I am looking forward to what happens.
The writing unit went great, we have  a writer in residence who ran 4 periods. She taught them how to write different poems and each student has entered at least 1 local/national poetry competition. 
So far so good

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