Sunday, February 13, 2011


As with a lot of things one starts of on one train of thought and ends up somewhere quite different.
The new school year has started and somehow two weeks has already passed! I am thoroughly enjoying being at an all girls school, this has given me fresh ideas to play with in realm of English lessons.

Here is the plan
Year 9 - Social Conscience which is looking a little bit more like Holocaust and poses the all important question can one person make a stand?
Text - Hana's Suitcase, newspapers articles on conflict (students seem to be cutting up a lot on Egypt), Website for Hana's Suitcase is also useful...

Year 10 - Teen Issues (always a meaty one!) - Text is Tiggie Tompson, Poem - Advice to my teenage daughter; Music 'Video' by India Aria (can be found on Youtube); We have had a quite a discussion on tagging and clothes.

Level 1 - Discimination is the theme. Long text is 'The Wave' follow up with the dvd. We have also looked at a letter titled from hate to hope about Armenians in Canada.

Level 2 - Rules, Society, Power is the theme. Text is Lord of the Flies. Short text so far has been the ' Lottery' and an article on women in Afganistan.

I will let you know what else we get up to!

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