Sunday, December 12, 2010

Term 3 - Theme Challenges

Term 3 - Challenges
The idea of challenge is explored through a range of reading and writing activities. 

The study of a range of written (extended/nonfiction/poetic) texts to develop understanding of the theme and the implications of challenge for students such as independent living skills, and coping with everyday challenges, and accepting others etc.

Activities could include writing about self for CV or applications; filling in forms; cover letters; setting goals; pathways development

Aim: to offer students opportunities for confirming goals, building life skills and problem solving approaches to deal with student challenges

Possible texts:
Extended text:  self selection of text
Non-fiction and poetic text:
Special Olympics characters; people living on own; special needs
AS1.4 / 1.5– possible written pieces for portfolio
AS1.3 – practice for close reading unfamiliar text – building skills
AS1.10 – produce work towards standard requirements – recording of texts/ responses

Literacy standards – work for portfolio in reading and writing – use templates provided by NZQA

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