Sunday, December 12, 2010

Term 2 - Theme Survival

Theme - Survival
The idea of survival is explored through discussion, presenting oral/visual ideas and supported with written activities.  Also possible activities outside classroom to support activities around survival such a short tramp, building bivvy etc
(link to STAR around First Aid in bush?)

The study of a range of oral/visual texts to develop understanding of the theme and the implications of survival for individuals, including how that affects us. Link to London underground bombings; 9/11 stuff; Lockerbie – terrorist activity etc

Students will also explore how survival affect one’s life and influences the way we respond from that point on, and deal with life’s challenges. Work can be added to the student’s writing portfolio/ and for literacy standards.

After formative teaching and learning experiences, students are offered the summative assessments.

Aim: to explore the idea of survival through a range of oral/ written texts

Possible texts:
Oral/ visual text:
Reality TV such as Bear/Gryll stuff?
Life experiences – documentaries
U Tube clips

Short texts:
Extract from Mark Inglis story
Newspaper reports: impact on people

 SARs/ Civil Defence material
Use of pages from phone book
Earthquake material – newspaper/ web extracts

AS1.4 – add to creative writing pieces for portfolio
AS1.3 – practice for close reading unfamiliar text – building skills
AS1.10 – produce work towards standard requirements – recording of texts/ responses

Summative assessment:
AS1.7 – Create a visual and verbal text: visual resource on survival
AS1.6 Construct and deliver an oral text
Literacy standards – work added to portfolio in oral/ reading strands – use templates provided by NZQA

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