Thursday, January 12, 2017


Yesterday, I received an interesting email from The Edublogger about an Edu Blog Club.

Edu Blog Club: Week 1 - also a bit late!
This is how it works:

How It Works
  1. Each Tuesday, check your email or the EdublogsClub blog for the new prompt.
  2. Publish a post on the prompt within the next week.
  3. Share your post on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or anywhere else using the #EdublogsClub hashtag.
  4. Read through your fellow club members posts and leave comments as appropriate.
This seems to me to be an interesting way of keeping up with blogging which is always a 'New Year Resolution'. for me. 

The first post is 'getting to know you':

I left my job as Head of English at St Andrew's College, Christchurch, NZ at the end of last year  to take up a position as a Professional Development Facilitator (more on this come in a later blogpost). I am also currently studying through the University of Otago for a Doctor in Education my area of interest being curriculum design (curriculum integration and Knowledge Building).

I have been using this blog to document my teaching and learning since 2010. I had to hunt back through the archives to see just when I started! It was also somewhat interesting to read some of those earlier posts. My blogging has been about education and a way to share what I am doing or conference/workshops I have attended. I see it as a sort of professional journal which has stayed with me as I have moved teaching positions.
What I have learnt over time with blogging is not to be shy, try to have images and not to write too much!

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  1. Hi Tamara

    Welcome to the Edublogs Club!

    I love the fact that my blog is a my professional journey but don't always enjoy looking at my older posts because my style has changed so much over the years.