Tuesday, January 24, 2017

EduBlog Week 3 - Leadership

This blog post is part of the Edublogs Club  - a different theme each week to blog, share and read.

Leadership is the theme for week 3: #Edublogsclub

These are two quotes around leadership that I quite like. I do think that integrity is very important in leadership. I have been fortunate that I have worked with a number of people who I have felt are leaders and who have guided and mentored me through my career. 
I very much valued learning about leadership when I was at school, about Year 8 or 9. This is when I learnt about 'quiet leaders' and  'leading from behind' and most importantly 'just because you outrank someone doesn't make you a leader'. 
I think in schools the best leaders I have had have been ones which: valued others, the profession, the students, the school. They tried to lead with as much autonomy as possible and with as little micromanagement as possible.  They appreciated the person and the job they were doing. They valued ideas, let others take a lead and shared their successes: it is about empowering others. A hard balance because if something does not succeed the leader needs to take responsibility and sort things out.

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